Tuscan Way in saint James’ year

Where : Upper Tuscany and the historic center of Pistoia
When : All year
What : Pilgrimage and visit of Pistoia in the Jacobean year

In order to see the relics of St. James in the Cathedral of Pistoia, the only one accredited by the Church outside Santiago de Compostela. In year 1145 St James arrived in Pistoia at the request of the bishop Atto. The bishop proved himself to be a real marketing man of the time, managing with this strategic choice to divert the pilgrims’ route to Pistoia as an compulsory stop to see the relics before arriving in Santiago.

The Way of San Jacopo connects 5 cathedrals with as many places of faith, which for centuries have been a pilgrimage destination: in addition to Pistoia and the relics of San Giacomo, Florence and the body of San Zanobi, Prato and the Sacred Belt of Virgin Mary, Pescia and the body of the hospitable saint San Allucio and Lucca and the Holy Face.

If the traveler is looking for a different trekking proposal, we suggest making this trip, not only for the pleasure of one’s body and spirit, but to have a concentrated experience of art, history and nature, to be discovered and enjoyed step by step.

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